Molara Wood, in conversation with Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

Molara Wood, in conversation with Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

Molara Wood, author of Indigo (Parrésia Books 2013), was recently interviewed in the Sunday Trust newspaper by Abubakar Adam Ibrahim. Abubakar’s The a Whispering Trees was published in 2012 by Parrésia Books.


Molara Wood: ‘Magical Realism has a past, a present and a future in literature. The great Latin American authors, especially Alejo Carpentier who first articulated the concept of “lo real maravilloso” (the marvellous real), saw Magical Realism as an expression of the reality of their world, where life was and remains magically real. They were writing about New World societies that had a lot of African influences through slavery for example, in their language, myths, ways of seeing, religious beliefs and so on. So I’m saying of course that Africa is the original “lo real maravilloso”.

Look at newspaper pages and tell me whether some things reported even in this day and age are not magically real. You have news items that ask you to believe that a thief turned into a goat; goats get arrested as do masquerades; or that some woman gave birth to a horse. I find it interesting that many people recount these with straight faces and listeners often take them as so. You can dismiss it all as absurd, or you can recognise that conceding to the magical element, or the fantastical, is one of the ways in which people add layers of meaning to their lives. It’s another way of making sense of the outlandishness of their world. For as long as there are societies where the magical exists side-by-side with the supposedly real world, Magical Realism has a place in literature. And as long as there are artists whose imaginative universe allows them to see wonder and magic in everyday life, Magical Realism has a future.’

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