Parresia Publishers set to release Tribe and Prejudice

Parresia Publishers set to release Tribe and Prejudice

Tribe and Prejudice is a new poetry collection by Sam Omatseye under the origami imprint. It will be released in the early moments of 2018. Sam Omatseye is a columnist, poet, essayist and the author of Crocodile Girl. 


“Sam Omatseye’s Tribe and Prejudice is passionate, honest, descriptive, lyrical and reflective. The arguments here are empowered with measured rhetorical flourishes. We are aroused to rage, shame and pity as the poet confronts us with stupidities, madness and calamities. We are aroused to joy as he celebrates with us moments of glory and triumph. We are roused to value tenderness, and to love even in our castles of miseries. we are admonished to consider constantly the futility of life. The port reaffirms his faith in the in the goodness that will make humankind endure. Omatseye shows in this collection that evil is not really an abstraction– it leaves in people. Yet we are reminded, that a nation which normalizes evil can never make any progress.”


Watch out!

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