Excerpt 2: Life, Lessons… My Path to Happiness by Abisola Biya

Excerpt 2: Life, Lessons… My Path to Happiness by Abisola Biya

“There is the saying “An honest adversary is always better than a friend who lies.”

Paying more attention to people’s actions rather than what they say would show you the truth. Do not allow anyone to deceive you more than once. The first time is understandable. The second time, not so much.

Believing in the “an eye for an eye” ideology would not be to your own advantage so it is not worth it.

When you entertain hate, you dig two graves—one for yourself and the other for your object of hate.

There is a link between hate and the sense of entitlement and in my opinion people who hate tend to strongly believe they are owed something.

Moving on, succeeding and being the complete opposite of who hurt you is the best revenge.


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Abisola is a graduate o Aton University’s Business School with a B.Sc. in Business & Management and Cranfield University’s School of Management with an M.Sc in Management. At the moment, she is a business consultant.

Abisola has always had a passion for people, wellness and the human psyche. She was born in Lagos and attended boarding school in Ibadan. Living in London and New York as well as Cranfield village in Bedfordshire has broadened her mind and exposed her to people from various ethnicities as well as people with different personalities. Living in these different places also provided fascinating experiences.

When she’s not watching ‘Law and Order: SVU’, Being Mary Jane or planning a new interesting thing to do that sparks her interest, she’s going through her dad’s never-ending lifetime collection of books, socializing and keeping her body and mind healthy.

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