An Interview with Abisola Biya the Author of Life, Lessons… My Path to Happiness.

An Interview with Abisola Biya the Author of Life, Lessons… My Path to Happiness.

 Author Q&A Session

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us what it is that you do?

My name’s Esther Abisola Biya. I’m widely known by Bisola. I’m the second and last child of two children. I work as a consultant and I currently live in Lagos. I took up writing in 2016 and published my debut book in 2018. I would say I’m a versatile personality, ambitious, fun loving, always up for interesting experiences, a bit mysterious and full of surprises.

2. What inspired you to pen this book?

And made you sure it was a work that needed to be written? I’ve had pondering thoughts about the issues affecting peoples’ state of happiness. I felt the need to share some of the interesting experiences I and other people have had. I believe the society is greatly affected by the emotional state of people. Emotional instability will give room for making bad decisions, which ultimately affects the society as a whole.

3. Was writing this book also a case of writing the kind of story you want to read?

Definitely, though I also took cognisance of the fact that people had their own preferences too. So I wrote a book literally anyone could read.

4. In your book you talk about the issue of race, in which you thoroughly disclose your grievances with the black race, with that in mind can you now offer feasible solutions to counter black-on-black hate?

Having love for each other is the key thing here. When there is love there will be unity which will go a long way in countering black-on-black hate.

5. Which sort of people would you say falls within your target audience? And why do you believe these people are your target audience?

This book is literally for anyone. I’ve made it simple to read, interesting and easy to understand. While I wouldn’t say it’s also for infants lol, I believe any other age group, gender or nationality can read, enjoy and learn from the book.

6. What do you hope people walk away with after reading your book?

Insight on valuable lessons and knowing that everyone has a story to tell. I want them to understand that they can find happiness regardless of the circumstances if they choose to.

7. How do you deal with self-doubt? How do you overcome it and bounce back with a renewed will?

I think genuinely loving and accepting yourself is important. Self-doubt comes from the fear of uncertainty. As a result, our critical voice becomes exaggerated. This is natural. However, self-doubt is only a state of mind and exists based on the level of control you give it. Unfortunate past experiences play a key role in creating the state of self-doubt. It is important to understand that the past does not equate the future. Interestingly, one good thing about self-doubt is that it discourages complacency.

8. What book are you currently reading? What lesson or lessons have you learnt and taken from it so far?

I’m currently reading a book titled ‘How to be a Christian without being religious’. It’s a classic explaining why Christianity is not like every other religion and emphasises the fact that it is a relationship. I’ve learnt Christianity is not about carrying the burden of rituals or being blindly religious.

9. What is your long-term plan and goal when it comes to your writing? Are you currently working on anything new?

I plan on writing more books but not at the moment. As I continue growing and developing, so will what I know and experience. So I’m giving myself time and making writing an on-going thing.

10. Your book is about the path to happiness, what words of wisdom can you part with, about happiness, because it requires a lot of strength and strong-will to always strive for happiness.

You are responsible for your own happiness and you will be making a mistake if you rely on anyone for happiness. Happiness does not depend on any external conditions. It is controlled by your mental attitude.

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