OyindaLovesBooks Review of Memory of Stone

OyindaLovesBooks Review of Memory of Stone

3.5 stars rounded up

Many thanks to Parresia Publishers for my review copy of Memory of Stone in exchange for my impartial review. This review was written voluntarily and all opinions are my own.

It’s unlike me to start a review with commentary on the ending, BUT THAT ENDING was just awesome! I loved the twists and turns that led up to the ending, and I love that the author surprised me with that reveal, because I was expecting something else!

Memory of Stone follows Nyx and Loran’s Blade (Egan) in their separate journeys in a world filled with magic and secrets. They are on very different parts and even though it’s almost impossible for their paths to cross, they end up meeting and being on very opposing sides in a brewing war they know little of.

Memory of Stone

I got a lot of Six of Crows vibes while reading this book, and the author herself has mentioned that Six of Crows inspired her to start writing again. Nyx reminded me a lot of Inej, and I loved that she was able to deliver Inej-level action.

Nyx had such a tedious journey in this book and she went through a lot. I feel like the journey is only just beginning, but I believe she’s up to the task. Her point of view/chapters focused on her were my favourite to read, as they were more action-packed and adventurous. She was one of my favourite characters, as well as Tullia and Gannon.

“I enjoyed the writing and the shifting perspectives in this book… the action-packed scenes and the last couple of pages made it worthwhile.”

Egan, on the other hand, annoyed me a lot. I didn’t get him, and I didn’t care for him much. There were some times I hoped he’d stay unharmed, but after a while, I didn’t care what happened to him as long as we got some action in the parts of the book focused on him. Most of his most action-packed moments were directly tied to Nyx.

I enjoyed the writing and the shifting perspectives in this book. I felt like there were lots of fillers and some places dragged on and on, but the action-packed scenes and the last couple of pages made it worthwhile.


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The worldbuilding was great, and there were territories, kingdoms, as well as fey territory. I loved the addition of fey, and I enjoyed the time I got to “spend” with the fey. No spoilers, but I’d love to see more romance between THAT fey and my girl Nyx in book 2! Romance didn’t really take centre stage in this book but I definitely saw some building blocks being laid.

I really enjoyed this one!

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