A Review of Ever Obi’s Book ‘Men Don’t Die’

A Review of Ever Obi’s Book ‘Men Don’t Die’

“There’s a kind of happiness money cannot buy, a kind of happiness that comes to only those who make the right choices at the right time”

“Men don’t die” is a melancholic story about death and spiritualism; money and love. This story portrays how money can bring happiness and sometimes not fulfilment, and how patience in life is key to some locked doors in life.

The story talks about Brume Luva, a man in his 30’s frustrated by his recurring failures in Life. He stumbles on one misfortune to another coupled with the loss of his job & long-time lover and how all these tragedies pushed him to take a risky step that changed his life forever.

After reading the blurb of this book, I thought I could predict how it was going to end but I was so wrong with my predictions. Each page made me curious so much that I was eager to move to the next until I got to the last page without knowing (which I feel the writer did deliberately).

Each chapter left me with questions that were gradually answered towards the ending of the book. I didn’t like how the book ended but the unexpected plot twist towards the end made this book refreshingly different.

This is an amazing story for a debut and I applaud the author, (@obievar), for taking a daring bold step. The story is well crafted and I recommend this for anyone looking for good suspense.

Reviewed by A Austin-Obie

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